National IRO Manager Partnership e-Magazine

The National IRO Manager Partnership has produced this free e-magazine to support the work of its members. It offers professional news; good practice highlights; reflections on topical policy matters and links to articles to support continuous professional development as a IRO.

Online Discussions & Learning Forums

Designed by Ross Beard for IRO publications

Designed by Ross Beard for IRO publications

Statutory IRO work raises many complex dilemmas and few simple answers. Sharing experiences on difficult scenarios can prove an invaluable, and often lively, way of discussing how to approach tricky situations. This is why we have decided to launch a series of online forums focusing on best practice and case studies.

Our aim is to offer a virtual space for our online community to share news about workforce developments, research and good practice. The intention is to nominate a theme each couple of months in which IROs can get access to relevant research and practice guidance and can exchange views via case studies.

The forums will take place online. We’ll have a panel of IRO Managers and IROs to support discussion about nominated topics based on case studies and links to the IRO Handbook, Statutory Guidance and Regulations.

So watch this space – more details will be posted on the national website over coming months. Link to the National Partnership website



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